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With interactive translation dictation, translate faster than ever before.


With interactive translation dictation, produce better-quality translations.


With interactive translation dictation, translate in a more ergonomic way.

Introductory Courses

The introductory course will soon be available in other language combinations (French into Spanish, French into English, etc.). Check in soon for more updates!

Group Enrollment Only

Introducción a la traducción dictada interactiva (inglés-español)

Curso de iniciación a la traducción dictada interactiva del inglés al español (3-4 horas)

Group Enrollment Only

Initiation à la traduction dictée interactive (anglais-français)

Cours d'initiation à la traduction dictée interactive de l'anglais au français (de 3 à 4 heures)

Group Enrollment Only

Mini-course: “Voice Recognition and Multimodal Interaction in Translation”

An introduction to "Lean thinking" in translation, voice recognition and multimodal interaction. 1 hour (self-paced).


Your Instructor:
Julián Zapata, PhD, C. Tr

Dr. Zapata is a Certified Translator (Québec, Canada), a Translation Studies researcher, a lecturer, a conference speaker and a translation technology entrepreneur. He has more than 12 years of experience as a freelancer working in the public and private sectors in Canada. He has also taught an array of translation, terminology and technology courses at university level. 

He founded InTr Technologies & Language Services in 2013 and, since then, has worked tirelessly to bring value to the profession by providing impeccable language services to a global client base, all the while introducing new technologies and working methods to hundreds of translators, students and trainers around the world. 

What Learners Are Saying...

« Le cours est exceptionnel : riche en contenu, et très bien présenté. On n'apprend pas exclusivement au sujet de la traduction dictée dans les différentes leçons, mais aussi sur plein de sujets et de notions, ce qui s'avère toujours fort utile en traduction. »
Kevin Black
Montréal, Canada
« Sans être la panacée, la traduction dictée interactive s'ajoute à la panoplie de techniques et d'outils à la disposition du traducteur du 21e siècle pour rendre son travail non seulement plus efficace, mais aussi plus agréable. »
Zasha Swan
Paris, France
"Typing truly is tedious and inefficient; thinking of and simultaneously speaking a translation uses your brain in such a different way and it appears to be hard to get used to, BUT it is actually a better experience than typing once practiced. This course is what it takes to do just that."
Frank Jo
Dublin, Ireland
"I learned about different new technologies that are available to me. I learned that translation dictation is more common than I though, and that it takes a lot of practice, but that it can be a huge time-saver when properly mastered."
Jack Nguyen
Ottawa, Canada